Occasional interventions, small adjustments: it is to resolve small problems that prevent proper operation of the instrument. Sometimes a screwdriver call away, other times a cork to replace,… They are carried out directly on site and usually take some time.

Maintenance: the instrument is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and degreased. During reassembly, particular attention is paid to each and every key mechanism to ensure optimal operation. Some pads, worn or damaged springs or corks are replaced.

Repad: it is a full process in which all pads are replaced and most cork and felt. Keys are all fitting properly, the spring tension is checked and adapted to the wishes of the musician.

Overhaul: Same work as a repad with an additionnal care to remove all dents, buffing keys, each cork, felt and spring are replaced.

Each instrument is carefully tested after repairs until it gives entire satisfaction.